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Let’s talk about photographing in winter

I take a limited number of photography gigs in the winter months (defined as mid-November through end of March), particularly in NYC and the Northeast, because of the weather. Most photographers during this time call it the “off-season”. Winter is not optimal – lighting, weather, and lack of leaves are all factors that lead to […]

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NYC 2016 Valentine’s Day Love Story Contest

Valentine’s Day for me has always been about all kinds of love, not just the romantic one. I am pleased to announce that I am offering one free morning photoshoot to the best submitted Love Story.  If your story wins, you get a free photoshoot with this person Contest Rules – Must be age 18 or older […]

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You are beautiful

We are all our own worst critics. And we all see things in our own heads that no one else sees. Sadly, unrealistic, photoshopped images and the general media have distorted the way we are seeing our own bodies, and it is not healthy. I was born with cleft lip and cleft palate. I’ve been […]

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Let there be light!

Ask any photographer, what their #1 ingredient is in photography, and their correct answer should be light. One can’t be a “natural light” wedding photographer, that’s just not possible. What will happen when the natural light goes away behind a thunderstorm? Or when the sun sets and the reception is in full swing with fast-dancing […]

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A review of the Jerry Ghionis workshop

If there was a photographer whose work made me cry, it would be Jerry Ghionis, master world class wedding photographer, who presented as a platform speaker at the WPPI conference in Las Vegas earlier this year. Of all the speakers, Jerry was the one I felt least “sold” to, but within 15 minutes I signed […]

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