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2012 Best of Engagement Sessions | How to make yours successful

It is that time of the year again – where I review my portfolio for the past year and showcase the highlights! And there are a couple of 2013 couples hidden in these photographs. Can you guess who?

First off, guys, getting your actual engagement photographed? It’s a VERY good idea!

For those new to the world of weddings or just… don’t quite understand. What the heck are engagement photos for? Quite honestly? They’re for creating a great relationship between the couple and their photographer for the very first time. Just like one would have  a wedding rehearsal, a trial hair and makeup run, the engagement session comes complimentary because it’s so, so important to work out pre-wedding photography jitters on a day that’s actually not your wedding day

This is where I get to understand how couples interact with each other. What are their quirks?

What makes them fall head over heels in love with each other?

Did you know that this girl stands on her tip toes to kiss her man because they’re a feet apart?

What makes them giggle and laugh until tears come out of their eyes? An engagement session with me is sometimes as much about observing as it is about photographing. I sit back and watch these couples and their relationship come to life in front of my eyes. And I hope it is through these images that my couples learn to trust that I would honor their love story in a truly authentic way

How does he sweep her off her feet?

Maybe it’s in a dance

What does their engagement tell us about them? Dave proposed to Christina with a trail of post-its

 Can we showcase some awesome scenery that also matters a lot to them?

Marlana and Phong told me very specifically how significant Boston nightlife was to their relationship, so we extended their shoot to include this truly special shot

And yes, your engagement session is a chance for you to show off your style!! Engagement photos make really frame-worthy prints for the wall because they are so timeless. I work with all my couples on finding clothing that represents their personality and style profiles

It’s a time to let loose and have a lot of fun – consider even taking an afternoon off from work!

You might even want to bring an extra pair of shoes for walking ;)

Most importantly, the engagement session is a celebration of your love

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