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Monica and David, Engaged! | A meandering adventure

On New Year’s Eve, 2011, I waited on a plush couch inside Sonsie’s on Newbury Street for two – might I say – very goodlooking people to walk through the doors. What followed was a 2-hour long brunch where we talked about everything including the twelve years they would have been together by the time of their wedding, to their Boston Public Garden first date and engagement, to favorite foods. Even this engagement session was like spending time with old friends – due to bad weather, we actually ended up splitting it in two – a bit unprecedented in the history of Shang Chen Photography, but given our circumstances, we had to make do! We shot one half on one evening, then went to dinner, and the second morning, we all got up at the crack of dawn to catch the morning light for the second half. Not many people I know would be willing to do that, but with Monica and David, it was no questions asked – we trusted each other from the beginning and thus far, it has been amazing working with them.

Monica and David are really special. If I hadn’t felt that extremely personal bond and instant connection with them, I don’t think you’d see the images that you see on the blog today. And they are full of surprises. For example, I didn’t know that David needs to eat often (sounds a lot like me!), such that he literally carries around canned tuna and chicken to snack on. Or that Monica is every which way as laid back as she can be, and yet stays on top of things despite having one of the busiest schedules ever – that of a medical student. They met as a freshman and sophomore at Boston University and quickly fell in love. Even as their career paths meant several years of long distance across many cities, they stuck it through. Right now, Monica is in her last year of medical school at BU, and David himself is a resident down at Johns Hopkins. Monica once told me that she’d love for them to eventually work together so that they can enjoy lunch together.

Coordinating schedules was not easy, with 2 people in medicine and me just graduating from school and moving across country! It was like as if all the stars aligned in order for us three to meet in the same city at the same time to have this engagement session, so we were not going to let the rain beat us – we conquered it and rocked it.

This is the very dorm where they first met!

Monica’s idea to jump into David’s arms!

And literally 5 minutes later, the skies dumped a bit more rain on us

But then it cleared again!

I love sitting back and seeing how a couple interacts

You’ll see throughout the following images a very playful side for this couple. Monica and David are so easy to relate to, and they are very active people. I wanted to show off the positivity that radiates from them that makes them such attractive people to be around


David found this perfect puddle

I know a couple of you are going to ask about Monica’s amazing fuschia dress – FYI, it was from French Connection =)

I hope you guys enjoyed this beautiful session! It’s going to be one super fun wedding next spring! Thank you again, Monica and David, for such an amazing time together. It flies when you’re having fun

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