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Erica & Don, Engaged! | Brooklyn Bridge

Her: Genuine, caring, and outgoing. Him: Polite, funny, and courteous. They met one night through mutual friends, and Don immediately felt a connection and asked her out afterwards.  They don’t have a lot of time together as they have very different work schedules, but when they do, they really make it count. Erica and Don are two people who make you feel like all they want is to know you better. Every day it seems like there is someone that they’re caring for or helping out. Erica’s greatest dream, for example, is to make a difference in the lives of those who are under-represented in society. Don hopes to run his own business one day. After they get married, they will be moving to Utah, where Erica originally is from. It was important that their engagement session captures the city and the time they spent here. Thank you Erica and Don for making everything so fun!

First of all, how amazing is this beautiful sunrise??

Loved how beautifully the sun highlighted Erica’s hair, make it glow

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