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Jackie and Chris, Engaged! | Central Park

When Chris first proposed to Jackie, they were on a rowboat in the middle of the Central Park lake. This recalled one of their very first dates, which was also Jackie’s favorite. He had made her a scrapbook, which he tied with a big ribbon. When Jackie got the gift, she immediately tied the  ribbon on her head, though Chris told her that she might regret that later on. As she opened the scrapbook, Chris was on his knees (in the boat), and right after he proposed, both their families popped out from behind the rocks on the lake’s shore, having photographed and witnessed the amazing moment – all while Jackie wore a giant bow in her hair. I tell you this engagement story because it captures their fun relationship so perfectly. Jackie has a bubbly personality and a voracious appetite for life. Chris is caring and calm, the perfect complement. They met at Mt. Sinai hospital where they were both medical students, and are currently in their busy resident years. I’m so glad that our schedules aligned and that Jackie and Chris were able to visit Manhattan again for their engagement session. I photographed Jackie when she danced as part of a dance group in college and she has been a great supporter and fan of my work throughout the years. Thank you two for being up for anything, for bearing through the summer heat, and for being so creative. I’m so happy to finally be able to feature you on the blog and congratulations!

And the ribbon makes an appearance!

We had so much good light that day


Jackie had the great idea of having the two of them write notes on these perfect cards. They both added smiley faces to the end of their cards, which I thought was very cute.

Let’s do that sun flare off the lake one more time…

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