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Joanne & Alex, Engaged! | Bay Area

When he’s the founder of Branch Metrics, Alex is known as the boss, the thinker and smart tinkerer. When he is with Joanne, Alex becomes “more human” – the other half of a fun, collaborative, and energetic partnership. Their days are busy, as they are  extremely passionate about their work and great at what they do. If I told you what they have to get done your head would probably spin. Luckily, they always get to spend a few minutes together at night hanging out together, and that is the best part about this relationship – that every day ends on a positive note. I am excited for their intimate wedding this fall. It is a reflection of what they cherish in life – being with their closest  friends and enjoying good food and wine.

We traveled to Half Moon Bay and Palo Alto Foothills Park to capture their love for the outdoors in this engagement shoot. Please enjoy the photographs

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