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Jen and Richard, Engaged! | A Rainy Session in Harvard Yard

When I saw Jen and Richard together in college, it was as if they’d been together for a lifetime. Anyone who meets them would agree with me, they have that certain something that tells you in six or seven decades, they’ll still be holding hands, smiling at each other, living a blessed life together. Jen and Richard have dedicated their lives to the practice of medicine. Most of their time after college was spent apart – Houston-Dallas for medical school, and now Boston-New Haven for their residencies. I have the amazing pleasure of photographing some very steadfast and dedicated long distance couples. Despite sometimes not seeing each other for months on end, they’ve remained ever devoted to each other. When the three of us converged back to our alma mater, there was just one problem: the weather would not cooperate. We don’t know when we could get all three people back in the same place again, so Jen and Richard just went with the flow and we did the entire session in the rain!

The light here is just heavenly

I do have to set expectations when it’s pouring outside – the shoot doesn’t look the same as it would when there is sun. However, I could not ask for more understanding and flexible couple to work with the bumps

And we found some great color inside too =) Appropriately, this is the science center where they spend a lot of their time in classes

This is one of my favorite moments in the session. When I asked Jen and Richard what they really like about each other, I loved this paragraph: “In our jobs, Richard is more methodical in his approach to things, liking calculations with attention to details, whereas I run a lot by gestalt… And, yet, somehow, we function in the opposite way when it comes to our day-to-day lives. I become more obsessed with organization, while Richard develops a more relaxed que sera sera attitude”

One of the most important details I looked for in this session was incorporating a tree. Jen and Richard showed me a favorite photo that I’d taken for them back in college when autumn was bursting forth with its rainbow of colors. We were so fortunate to find cover enough to get this photo recreated

We may or may not have borrowed this abandoned umbrella ;)

Thank you Jen and Richard for an afternoon of laughs and catching up! It was awesome getting to reconnect after some fond memories of lunching at Cabot House and hearing about Greek heroes ;)

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November 1, 2012 - 1:22 pm

Iris Hi Shang! Just wanted to say how impressed I am at your creativity and adaptability during this shoot. Weather can be a pain, but looking at these photos, I wouldn’t have known you had any restraints. As you said, you still found some great color and the couple looks terrific. Beautiful work!

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