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Stephanie and Amman, Engaged! | Chicago Engagement Session at Lightology

Under the guise of pretending that he was still in India, Amman surprised my friend and classmate Stephanie last month in New York City with an extravagant proposal. She thought she was grabbing lunch with her brother, but Amman showed up with flowers instead! Stephanie wasn’t aware that it was a proposal, because Amman likes to surprise her often (aww). He took her to places that were meaningful to them. He also gave her a history book that documented their relationship (he commissioned an artist to draw all the stories – it looked really cool). Then when she flipped to the page where he was going to propose, he dropped to one knee and popped the question with a gorgeous ring. Seriously, I don’t make this stuff up, Amman knows how to propose in style. They celebrated that night with many dear friends who flew in from all over the world – India, Taiwan, California, just to name some of the places. Shortly afterwards, they came to Chicago. Well, Stephanie came back here, Amman had to fly back here from India. We squeezed in a short engagement session at Chicago’s Lightology – a super cool, modern lighting store, before their Chicago engagement party that night with Stephanie’s Chicago Booth friends. Kudos again to  another long distance couple, who will be reunited shortly after Stephanie graduates!

Typical of Chicago winters, it was cold and windy. And Amman had just gotten off a super long plane ride, so I really applaud them for toughing it out for this shoot!

We took some time to go inside Lightology as well. These are some really cool light displays. Yes, those are Christian Louboutin platform pumps, too cute!

We found the coolest place to show off her bling

I really loved the light up on the roof terrace though, so back we go. Stephanie likes to give back hugs, she says =)

There is one word to describe these two: Silly. They oscillate between making funny faces and laughing at each other.

Amman told me that he really likes Stephanie’s beautiful eyes. I completely agree

Sometimes.. they might break into dance

My favorite

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February 16, 2012 - 4:02 am

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