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Julie and Jay, Engaged! | A Newport Engagement Session

I’m blogging these as I’m sitting in Logan Airport, getting ready for another work week out west in San Francisco. First off, I’m so excited to present these super-super early, because I want all of Julie and Jay’s family and friends to be able to enjoy these photographs before their upcoming wedding in mid-summer. Julie and Jay love the outdoors, and during the course of their long distance relationship, they’ve taken many a road trip together. So it was of no surprise to me when they suggested a day trip out to Newport, RI where we can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the Cliff Walk and Fort Adams.

One thing I want to highlight about how enjoyable this session was working with Jay. Jay is proudly serving our country, so as a result, I was not able to meet him – neither back in February of 2011 when Julie and Jay first booked me, nor over summer of 2011 when Julie and I caught up for lunch. So this engagement session was our first time ever talking, face to face. Having never been professionally photographed before, Jay did not know what to expect. I am so psyched to tell you that he told me that he had a lot of fun during the session and said that it felt so natural, and that I had put him at ease. That’s what I like to hear!

Julie said that every time she and Jay went on vacation, there was bad weather. Well, not for this session! (and hopefully, not for their Boston wedding either)

Everybody knows I love a good tree

So cute! Usually all I have to do is tell Jay to hold on to Julie, and he takes care of the rest =)

I’m not familiar with most of the beautiful buildings we saw on the Cliff Walk, but they are incredible

Amazing, delicious light throughout their session. Julie told me that Jay’s handsome looks remind her of the actor Jake Gyllenhaal, and he cracks up whenever she says that =)

Just hanging out by the sea..

We also went over to Fort Adams for some photos

Getting it down wide

And pushing that last bit of sunlight

Thank you so much Julie and Jay for such a fun almost mini-vacation like day! And yum, our dinner was so delicious I promptly passed out on the ride back home.

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