in(SP)iration sessions

An in(SP)iration session is a fashion-focused lifestyle photoshoot, perfect for high school and college seniors, as well as adults who are celebrating a special milestone in their lives. Treat yourself to beautiful photographs for a birthday, or just because.

During this session, Shang will work with you not only to get amazing photographs, but also teach you to see yourself in a better, more positive, and empowered way. Shang will show you how you can become more confident and love yourself – exactly for who you are.

What inspires you? Be it a certain detail, object, color, location, vibe, in(SP)iration clients get extra attention with Saavedra Photography to visualize, plan, and execute a photo session that truly expresses their creativity and personality at heart. Planning includes location scouting and wardrobe review. Think of it as a time capsule of your style, passion, and person in the moment.

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