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Presenting the Love Story Contest Winners

Yuying, a self-professed secret admirer of my photography, wrote in for my Love Story contest about her boyfriend Austin, hoping to win the photos as a birthday surprise for him. Everything she described about their relationship exemplifies what I’ve observed in the most successful love stories I know, they were the clear winners through and through (and I checked with my honorary judge, my husband, just to be sure). On the morning of our photoshoot they showed up beaming, and from there it was magic. I was so glad I got to have breakfast with them afterwards and I was awestruck by how down to earth they are. It is clear these two will go very, very far and successful in life. Here are some excerpts from Yuying’s entry, Austin’s later addition after we confirmed the shoot, alongside with the images from their shoot. They are serious troopers (it was freezing cold with wind), and yet so laid-back. The honor and pleasure has been mine to meet you two, and I hope it won’t be the last time!

It’s about the every day moments: “[Austin] has made my journey through medical school immeasurably better—from delivering food and coffee on my weekends calls to being my bedrock of support when I was studying for my medical boards” – Yuying

They bring out the best in each other

“Yuying has an enormous heart and is always thinking about other people. She challenges and inspires me, and I am so happy and grateful I have her on my team” – Austin
“I have learned from him to worry less about things that won’t matter, and focus more on the people and experiences that make one’s life worth living.” – Yuying

They put the “we” before “me”

“We always put each other first and really strive to make each other happy.” – Austin
“He has never failed to make me realize that we are a unit, a team and through it all, each other’s best friends.” – Yuying

We explored Washington Square Park and parts of West Village – they had their first date at Las Ramblas

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