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A year in the life of a New York family

This post has been over one year in the making – two formal photoshoots, two birthday parties, and two personal hangouts.

My husband and I went to business school with the parents, and have been friends ever since. Today’s post is about the second baby. I watched her parents endlessly advocate for her, love her, and be the amazing guardians they had pledged to be, even knowing how uncertain the baby’s future would be starting from when she was in utero. It is their commitment that touched the hearts of her hospital caregivers to allow her to go home, even if the oxygen tank was hard to monitor and required round the clock care.

I was comforted by the mother as I went through a tough time this year, her resilience reaching across the computer screen to touch my own fragile self, giving me strength when I needed the most. I watched in awe as they both continued to work demanding jobs, taking whatever flexibility they could find in between sleepless nights to shuttle to the hospital, play with their children, and take care of life.

If there is one thing I wanted to share with the world, it is their joy. The kind of joy that doesn’t require any styling, planning, or directing to capture. As I look at these photos I can’t help but feel the power of a parent’s unconditional love. This family is my inspiration.

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