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Almost Seven and a Superhero

Meet C. He’s turning 7 and he loves superheroes. More importantly, C’s amazing mother brought him up to be a respectable gentleman, energetic, funny, and above, extremely caring. You can tell how much he loves his mother and everyone else in his family by the way he talks about them. It’s amazing how at times, C is a playful child, and yet there is a little man inside him. This photoshoot was his idea, and I’m so excited I was able to help bring his vision to life.

We started in Red Hook, one of those areas of Brooklyn with unique architecture. The warehouses, brick detail, and arched doorways, as well as an old trolley car, made for a perfect backdrop

After the above photo was taken, C told me

“I want to be fast like Flash” – C
“How did Flash get to be so fast?” – Me
“He was struck by lightning” – C
“So, if I get struck by lighting, can I be fast like Flash?” – Me
“No. You’re not the chosen one” – C

Oh bless his dear heart =)

Spider-Man is pretty high on his list too

This series is one of my favorite. It shows you in the span of a couple of seconds, how much delight it is to be with C

Thank you and major props to his Mom Nastassia for finding me, collaborating together, and for being an all-around super woman

My favorite

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