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Annie, in(SP)ired | High school senior session in Chelsea

When you’re with someone as beautiful as Annie, you can’t help but be yourself. One striking thing I found in this young lady is her ability to make anyone around her feel completely at ease. This is because Annie genuinely accepts everyone for who they are, being an incredibly open-minded person. She is a wonderful dreamer. She landed in the prestigious summer film program at NYU this year and we were able to meet up for her senior session. Annie wishes to return to New York upon graduation and be able to tell many stories through her film making. If there’s anything you need to know about this girl, is that she is a girl who is in New York City to follow a seemingly impossible dream. Annie, nothing is impossible, and life is a journey. I will be your cheerleader no matter what. Thank you for this golden afternoon, and for being the golden girl.

The light in Chelsea is incredible. Actually, let me rephrase, photoshooting in Chelsea is incredible. Sure it can be chaotic at times but it is also one of the most fashionable, dynamic neighborhoods in NYC to hang out. I jump  at any chance to come down here

For high school seniors, I welcome having another person come along for the party. Annie brought her sister and her sister’s fiance. In this photo I asked the two sisters to give each other some love

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