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Katherine and Will, an Anniversary Shoot

As part of the training I’m providing my intern, I took her out on a shoot with Katherine and Will. Some photography instructors bring in models. I never use models, I always use real couples, because face it, the majority of wedding clients are not models. Katherine and Will are personal friends of mine – in fact, I’ve known Will since high school and he’s great at keeping in touch with people. They got married last May. Unfortunately I was vacationing in Istanbul (amazing place) and could not photograph their wedding, so we made this shoot into an anniversary shoot!

For most of this shoot Amy directed while I watched and gave pointers on lighting and posing. However, every now and then I’d come in and try some ideas of my own, the majority of the images I present here were the result of that. For example, Katherine requested especially that I do my sun flare photo, and some reflections, amongst other things.

Amy goes all the way to commit to the shot!

I really like the color that they brought in with their clothing. They fit right into what they wore. Comfortable, relaxed, being yourself, that’s what I emphasize in any photo session with me

Will is a pretty quiet person, but when he’s around Katherine, their interactions immediately light up

I think there’s a lot of value in anniversary photographs. It’s a way to celebrate your journeys together. I’ve photographed anniversary sessions in the past with couples who’ve been married 5 or 10 years, and there’s a deeper growth and understanding that comes from having been married

Sun flare! :D

Reflection! Also another thing I’m learning to do more of

As I’m a little past mid-wedding-season right now, I’ve taken some time to critically review my photographs and see where I stand. I’ve found that though I’ve learned a bit more classical posing earlier in July from the Jerry Ghionis workshop I attended, I continue to be drawn to images that move – I want them to jump with life, color, energy, emotion. I want to communicate something dynamic with a frozen moment in time

Being a city girl, I still continue to find fun ways to incorporate architecture, that, paraphrasing the words of one of my clients, compliments but does not overpower the people in them

Thank you Katherine and Will for such a wonderful afternoon and for your support through the years, really appreciate it!

Starting this Saturday I will pretty much be photographing a wedding each weekend through beginning of October. There will be lots, LOTS more on the blog!

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August 16, 2011 - 8:42 am

cleesmile love the sun flare and reflection shots! :)

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