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Dale and Rami’s Love Story | Chicago Couples Lifestyle Photography

Dale and Rami’s love story came to my inbox at the right time – Dale is actually a classmate of mine! Dale and Rami met their freshman year at William and Mary. They quickly kindled a friendship and a relationship from there. After college, they had a year of long distance while Rami traveled around the country with One in Four, which is a non-profit dedicated to educating college students on rape prevention, which I thought was pretty cool (the non-profit part, not the long distance part). They worked hard to be together though, and now they’re both together in Chicago. Dale is a second year at Booth like me, while Rami is a lawyer. As Dale puts it: “[we’ve] basically grown into adults together, and I feel very lucky to have him as my best friend and the one I love :-) ”

I was so happy to collaborate with them on this wintery outdoor shoot in Chicago. I picked out a beautiful, quiet, tranquil spot where we could really be ourselves. They are very comfortable with each other.

Also, the blanket? An excellent choice

I love all the texture we captured on this shoot

 I really like natural portraits where I just feel like everyone is at ease and having fun

Yeaaa profile picture :D

Isn’t this tall grass awesome? I really work hard to find stuff like this in the winter… but I can’t wait until the green comes in!

So. Cute.

And, since I had some new equipment come in, of course we had to test some night shots as well!

Thank you guys so much for braving the cold and having fun with me!

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February 7, 2012 - 3:25 pm

Angela Roccasalva I LOVE the swirling lights in the second to the last picture.

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