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Allyson and Steve’s Love Story | A Chicago Union Station Session

I love a good love story. Sometimes, I’m moved to photograph a good love story, just because. I picked a few select couples in Chicago whose stories and career passions represented values that I’d always held dear in life, and throughout the next couple of months they’ll serve as people with whom I’ll either warm up my camera fingers prior to weddings or practice on with new techniques. If you live in the San Francisco / northern California bay area and would like to be considered for such a love story shoot in July and beyond, please be sure to remain a member of my Facebook fan page. I plan on making sporadic announcements every now and then looking for someone like you!

Allyson and Steve met while Allyson was attending law school in Atlanta in 2009. Steve was visiting his best undergrad friend. Steve accompanied his friend to Allyson’s house to pick up an item, and Allyson had just gotten a kitten and was showing him off. Allyson and Steve hung out, and Steve extended his stay by a week just to get to know her better. Allyson was trying to discern where to go for her summer internship – her offers came from LA and NYC. Steve lived in Massachusetts at the time. Allyson took the Manhattan offer, and that summer, they traveled by train to see each other. They continued long distance as Allyson had 2 more years of law school. They got engaged over Memorial Day weekend in 2010 in Cape Cod. Allyson was registered to take the bar in California in 2011, and had job offers in California and Chicago. In her words: “the Chicago job was pretty much my dream job (adjunct professor at Loyola Chicago and representing low-income clients through a law school clinic). Steve is incredibly supportive, and adventurous, so a month after we decided to make San Francisco our first home, we switched courses and decided to go for the position in Chicago. Three days after I graduated we drove up to Chicago (with the kitten in tow) and moved into an apartment in Lincoln Park.”

The main reason why I picked this couple to photograph was actually the fact that they had a super-intimate wedding: they got married in DC (where Allyson grew up) in a courthouse wedding with two friends as witnesses. They’d never been photographed professionally together before they met me.

I was super happy Allyson brought a bright yellow cardigan to add color to the photos, as winters in Chicago (and Boston) are notorious for being quite gray. I picked the historic Chicago Union Station building as a setting for their love shoot. It represents the trains they took in their relationship, and is absolutely gorgeous!

Allyson and Steve were so laid back and comfortable with each other. We laughed the entire afternoon

So. Romantic.

Allyson has a heart for representing the under-served low income people of this city. She speaks of her career with so much passion. And it was clear that Steve supported her – he had the great luck of being able to telecommute for his job which is still back in Massachusetts

We caught some beautiful light

Allyson was the more talkative of the two, and we had some fun showing off her style to Steve

Thank you Allyson and Steve for spending a great afternoon with me!

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January 20, 2012 - 10:15 am

Casie {@TheNameIsCasie} Shang – seriously. Let’s have a conversation – you + me. These photographs & their story MADE.MY.DAY. Allyson & Steve are stunning and SO IN LOVE and HAPPY – absolutely some of my favorite images of yours to date. My heart is a happy one. :)

January 20, 2012 - 10:44 am

Julie C. Love, Love their story and the pics, esp. the train platform ones. Super cute couple!

January 21, 2012 - 1:03 pm

Olivia Agree with Julie here. The train platform pics are killer!!!

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