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Iselin & Siv, Mom and Daughter

Iselin wrote me asking if I could photograph her and her mother, Siv, who was visiting her this summer. Of course, it’s a real treat when I can photograph not just one, but two amazing women together. Siv was visiting from Norway, where Iselin was born as well. Iselin, quite the adventurer, came to the US one day and decided to stay. The two of them have not have any professional quality photos of them taken since Iselin was a child, so this was a special moment. It is sessions like these that remind me of how beautiful time together with family can be. We marveled at the beautiful quality of a NYC sunrise in the morning on the streets of Chelsea (this is one of my signature sunrise shoots), laughed about their dog, Maia. It was in the quiet moments between laughter and movement that I created many of these photographs. Thank you both so much for your warmth and kindness and beauty.

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