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Why fit in when you should stand out?

This past winter, I had the pleasure of capturing some of my classmates in natural, unique headshots, most of them used these photographs for their LinkedIn profiles. I will do one more round of this in the spring, exclusively for Chicago Booth students, so be on the lookout.

My philosophy has always been about finding what is the most positive and wonderful part in your life, and drawing that out for the world to see in your unique way. Headshots – even for people going into conservative work environments – should convey a sense of confidence, maturity, and show your hopes and ambitions, without being too stiff. I find headshots a very unique challenge in getting to know you intimately with only 20 minutes of shooting time, with no other subject to work with you. It’s a quiet, focused interaction between you and me, and I take my time in capturing yourpersonality just so. I tell love stories in albums of 60+ pages. For a headshot, I want to show your best side in just one image.

Why fit in when you should stand out? 7 of the 8 photographs here were taken in the same building, but I see 8 diversely unique souls here. Each and every time, I want you to walk away and feel empowered by who you are. Your dreams are beautiful, and I hope that you see them reflected here. The quotes interspersed in between photos were real reactions that I’ve received – either in person, or communicated later.

“Did I mention you are a genius?  Love the photos! You are just that talented and apparently my parents want a zillion pics of me wearing the same outfit. ;)”

“I felt so comfortable and had so much fun during the shoot!”

“If you have the opportunity to have professional headshots taken with an amazing photographer like Shang Chen Photography, I highly recommend it! With the right photographer it’s a fun, collaborative and empowering experience, and now I’ve got great photos for LinkedIn and grandma! :)”

(this photo was an outtake, but too fun not to post!)

“You are completely right that we look our best when we believe in ourselves… I had a really good, happy time and you were indeed funny. :-)”

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April 3, 2012 - 6:44 pm

Jassel Torres Zafra Really excited for this.

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