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Maine weekend

Wow, I’m here people, I’m really here! I’m sitting in my bright summer sublet in San Francisco! After all the stress, I and most of my stuff made it here safely. And, I did this move – involving Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco, with 2 flights, for around $1,800! It’s simple: Start organizing early, sell all your unneeded stuff, ship the rest, buy used. TADA!! The downside to being in California is that long distance is really settling in now. All you long distance couples, I welcome tips, fun stories, anything, because this is going to be a long couple of years.

First off, I want to thank everyone. To every fan, to all the friends I’ve made in the wedding industry, to all the clients who trusted their big days to me, and to all of you blog readers (say hello! I respond to all emails!)… I could not be here without you. I could not have become the person I am today without you, and it is a lifelong growth process to become the best person I could ever be.

And to all my Bay Area friends, thank you in advance for bearing with me as I get lost on the Muni-Bart-Caltrain system, get heart attacks over driving over hills, try to be less east coast and I-must-schedule-every-minute-of-my-life, and shiver because again, I forget that San Francisco is actually pretty cold for the summer.

As I take a step back and enter a new job with its own challenges, I know one thing: I was always happy being a wedding photographer. Nothing gave me more joy than the ability to exercise my creativity and create art for awesome people! That is more than what most people can say for a job, and that is a huge blessing.

Before I moved, my boyfriend came up for a week to help out and we ended it with a roadtrip to Maine. It was perfect sunny weather for two days as we indulged in delicious ocean side views, heaps of ice cream, lobster (for me), and breathtaking vistas all around.

Camden’s harbor

Get in mah belly! Got my lobster roll at The Lobster Dock in Boothbay

At this ice cream shop, you can put a pin on where you’re from. New England was so full, I added a pin in San Francisco. Boyfriend said, “you’re not there yet! It’s not official!” well, it’s official now

Okay, this is silly, but you know how I practice posing? I pose myself, get it photographed, and see if it makes sense. Seriously. It’s either that or posing in front of a mirror. I’m pretending that my shirt is a veil

But I much rather photograph the boy though =) He’s so daashing…

Looking towards Camden

Our dinner at David’s Restaurant in Portland rocked our socks

The next day, we went to Kennebunkport

And I shot a wedding! Hah, just kidding, we walked by this wedding happening at The Colony

I’ll be seeing you soon, New England

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July 4, 2012 - 1:05 pm

Amy Welcome to the west coast :D

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