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The chorus of the song “Army” written by Ellie Goulding, intended for her best friend, applies to me and my husband. I moved around too much to have one best friend, even through college. This marriage is meaningful to me because I finally have one person with whom I will travel and move for life, and I have a Best Friend.

Take the most recent visit we took to Israel. The Masada was the highlight of my trip to Israel, it is a physical testament to human determination, ambition, conflict, and sacrifice. The Masada is most famous for its system of cisterns, one of which one could climb down a steep set of stairs at least 3 stories tall. The stairs are not perfectly made, they’re uneven, guarded by a rusted steel railing that extends away from the stairs, with ample room for someone to slip through.

I’m afraid of heights. Always have been. My husband went ahead of me and down the stairs first, piquing my curiosity. However, he quickly climbed back up and told me to explore it by myself. I asked him to come with me. He said no. I groaned.

With my knees shaking, my knuckles turning white, I gripped the railings of the steep stairs as I inched downwards. These bars were spaced too far apart, I mused. I could fall through them at any moment. I stopped halfway down and whimpered. I was ready to give up. I was going to fall. I was going to die. Did he not care? He sat at the top, encouraged me every step of the way, told me I was doing great, and reminded me that there was a great picture I could take at the bottom.

I finally made it to the bottom and was able to take some photos. Then I self-timed a photo of myself. It was one of my favorite photos of the entire trip. The feeling of having conquered my fear for that brief moment was empowering.

There are many ways in which I love my husband. This marriage has completely changed me for the better, trained me intellectually, emotionally, physically, to be the best version of myself. This was what I prayed for – a marriage that would defy all expectations, in which I am loved for everything that I am, and everything that I would become. Relationships and love are hard, but shouldn’t be so hard that it makes me give up the most important parts of myself. Through our marriage, I’ve been able to focus like I’ve never done so before.  The right relationship is built on shared beliefs and values. And marriage, above all, is built on commitment. A lifetime commitment is a war against the other side of temptation, strife, failure, disappointment, and conflict. And I’m standing with an army.



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