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Birthday weekend in Montreal

Taking a quick moment to blog about my trip this past weekend to Montreal. I had a great time in Montreal, in many ways, it felt like being in Paris – except food was better priced and I can get away with a lot more English if I wanted to.

Thank you to all my friends who provided great food suggestions! To explain why I don’t usually go to all the top foodie places… it’s due to our religious restrictions. Our diet isn’t strictly kosher, but we do avoid pork – which is hard in many top dishes around the world including French cuisine, shellfish, and we also stay away from food produced in inhumane manner – such as foie gras, and then, on top of that, neither of us actually like what is commonly considered Jewish food in the States (so, no Katz’s deli), so it took some extra research to find what we’d like to eat, but as always, we trended Middle East / Mediterranean. I was very happy to indulge on delicious halal kebabs,  fresh fruit and produce at the Marche Jean Talon, great cheese and bread from local places, and a lavish birthday dinner at Le Club Chasse et Peche which I would recommend in a heartbeat.

Our first hot meal in town was Chateau Kabab. Kababs were great!

We stayed at Le Meridien. Great rooms, great ambiance, great bed… not so great service (we gave front desk our feedback), I was surprised given it’s an SPG, but that might explain why it’s category 3

Well worth the 5$ CAD entrance fee, the Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal (no relation to the Notre Dame in Paris) was an architectural delight

With my husband’s sweet tooth, we also hit up various pastries. The reason why there are photos of chocolate in this post is because of him – you never want to give me chocolate, as it goes straight to him as I don’t eat it ;)  Juliette et Chocolat is a chain where you can find delicious chocolates

Our highest compliments for a bakery, however, go to Mamie Clafoutis, where we went twice for pastries

Don’t let this bushy tailed squirrel fool you. Her and her conniving pack of compadres kept lunging at us while we tried to eat our Mamie Clafoutis pastries in a nearby park.

Everyone told me to go to St-Viateur Bagel… Umm… No. Sorry, nope nope, does not measure up at all to a piping hot Brooklyn bagel. Sorry

Then it was my birthday dinner! Thank you thank you to everyone who recommend Le Club Chasse et Peche. It was one of the best meals I’ve had this year

We started with the Wagyu beef two ways, and his entree was the veal

While mine was a delicate Alaskan king salmon

Growing up in Europe as a kid, I’ve always loved open air markets. They’re my jam. Marche Jean Talon – though pricey – did not disappoint. We went here twice as well

The crepe stand looked great, but was not worth it

I highly recommend La fromagerie Hamel at the marche to taste and grab some cheese
Shang’s quick guide to Montreal:


– Get the 3-day unlimited pass on the Metro system, good for subway (very frequent trains, usually every 6 minutes) and the bus – including the 747 bus that takes you to the airport. We did not cab or Uber even once in this town, which was great!


– The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

– Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal

– Climb Mont Royal (or in my case, take bus 11 up, walk back down)

– Wander around downtown shopping district


– Chateau Kabab

– Le Club Chasse et Peche

– La fromagerie Hamel

– Mamie Clafoutis

– Marche Jean Talon


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