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Chasing the sun flare

My favorite time to photograph is towards sunset, but I like sun flares. They’re magical, romantic, and beautiful. This is an unusual post in that I wanted to show a little bit of the process I have in chasing a sun flare when I’m in a completely new environment. Getting the perfect light when shooting as an on-location photographer requires awareness of the location of the sun, the textures and the ability to bounce light off of the surfaces around me, and the mood I wanted to achieve.

My husband introduced me for the first time to the Getty Center at Los Angeles. Not only is it a fantastic art collection, it is also a beautifully designed museum that is perfect for sunset panoramic views over the city. We went on a super crowded day, but I was able to spring ahead up to the museum to see the sunset

I loved seeing the sun being filtered through the willow leaves

As I approached the building, I loved how the light bounced off the floor

I also often like to use parts of a building to block the sun flare a little so you can see its rays. Also, notice the guy with the shade – the rim light on his head is really great, which reminded me that I needed a darker background to get the look I wanted with the sun flare

Husband arrived and I had two photos taken of us, but I didn’t fully like how too-bright it was, and this was mainly because the buildings / background was too bright itself, and I wasn’t too much of a fan of the color of our skin, but I didn’t have a reflector with me

I liked this light-filled photograph of my husband

We walked around to a different area of the museum. I noticed that I was able to achieve a darker background here because of the trees at the horizon. Okay, nice rim light photo, check!

While we were photographing around, I noticed the way the sun flare shone through these leaves and immediately got the idea for the perfect photo

I put the camera on the ledge and tucked my husband into position. I set my settings to the smallest aperture, f/22. The settings I had for this photo were 50mm, f/22, ISO 1250, 1/640 s. I set it to a 10 second auto timer, and crossed my fingers.

And voila, the perfect photo to commemorate our wonderful trip. Just one shot. But it took a bit of trial and error to get there =)

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