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Japan Honeymoon (5 of 5) | The Art of Spirits

R and I have now been married a little over a year, that means I’ve been in NYC for more than a year as well. How time flies! With him, I feel fearless. He’s my best friend for life. Here’s a photo from Briana Moore Photography taken earlier this year in Central Park. I love you, see you very soon.

Anyway, it’s a long time coming, but the last of our Japan honeymoon photos! First up is the shrine I’d been dreaming to photograph – a shrine on the famous Miyajima island off of Hiroshima

More shrines in Tokyo

Meiji shrine in Tokyo

A shrine in Kamakura

Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto. One of Japan’s most famous shrines lined with thousands of torii

Toshugu and Futarasan shrines in Nikko


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