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Japan Honeymoon (3 of 5) | The Art of Specialization

Picking up where I left off last month, here’s a collection of photographs under the theme of specialization. The Japanese are experts in this way – they tirelessly work at one particular craft or skill until they perfect it, elevating it to its highest level. These photographs show not only the skill and attention to detail, but as well as the overwhelming density of people within this country and their immediate access to the abundance of products as a result.

I paid a visit to Tokyo’s venerable Tsukiji fish market

This was the line mid-morning outside of Sushi Dai, one of the 2 most famous sushi restaurants at Tsukiji

I chose a lesser known place for some fresh chirashi

If you’re like me, you are fascinated by train travel. I had several opportunities to ride the bullet trains, known as the shinkansen

Cheap food, great service, and descriptive signs are everywhere in the Japanese rail system

In my free time away from my husband, I explored the Kyoto sake museum

During my travels I encountered many funny animals, big and small, constructed and edible

We fell in love with the waffles at Manneken

We indulged in delicious soba noodles and other kinds of noodles wherever we went

One of our favorite foods was okonomiyaki. I preferred the Hiroshima style where every delicious layer of this pancake / crepe / omelette from heaven is built separately. If you ever visit the okonomiyaki mura in Hiroshima (it’s one building of all okonomiyaki shops), I highly recommend going to Shinchan, which is the last stall on 2F. It’s one of the oldest and most established okonomiyaki stalls there

Just a simple okonomiyaki (we got the plain one without meat) completely filled us up for lunch for something like $10!

Cool coffee maker shop in Osaka

In Osaka, we visited Mizuno for their okonomiyaki as well. Mizuno is located in one of the alley ways off of Dotonbori, which is a main thoroughfare that is all about food

Mizuno specializes in Osaka style okonomiyaki, where most of the ingredients are mixed in the batter beforehand

Okonomiyaki is traditionally eaten with a plum sauce

Another must-see in Osaka is the Kuromon Ichiba market. Go here early morning (8 – 9AM) for super fresh seafood, fruit juice, and other baked and grilled snacks

We loved eating near dotonbori so much we returned for dinner

And who knows. We just might get over-run by robots one day


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