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My Love Story, Captured

One of the best ways to show how you feel about a product is using it. For me, I believe in the value of commissioned lifestyle photography – and I choose to invest in it. Year after year, I get portraits done of myself. I may be the woman behind the camera, but I actually like being in front of it too. In the past I’ve been photographed in Vegas and also in Boston’s backyard.

I’m so excited to show you guys the amazing portraits that Anna Wu Photography took of me and my boyfriend. Keep reading to get the full link to the session!

He’s a shy one. It took a LOT of convincing (and a very nice dinner) to have him agree to this shoot. It’s worth it, though, I am so in love with how it came out! Nothing teaches me more about what my clients go through, than getting photographed myself. Here are some more tips for making your portrait session a success!

1. Give yourself plenty of time

It’s the same tune that I tell my clients, but it’s so true! San Francisco traffic is notoriously bad, and we had to drive over the Bay Bridge for this shoot. I’m really glad I took the day off from work and didn’t schedule too much before the shoot other than hair and makeup

2. Make yourself feel and look good!

I loved my hair and makeup, thanks to Pretty by Julianne and Intertwine Hair Design (they both are available for Bay Area weddings!). I was also deciding between a couple of dresses and I ended up choosing the one I felt flattered me most. I know I often tell my clients to dress in color – and that’s key! – but if you didn’t have the time to shop your closet or shop for more clothes for your shoot, then pick the clothing that flatters your body the best.

3. At the shoot, just let go and have fun

I was so stressed out after the traffic I encountered in SF, and I also caught myself at multiple times during the session thinking of what light I’d look for. However, I’m not the photographer, Anna is, and I trusted her to take images that were true to me and my boyfriend. So I just let go, stopped stressing out, and had a lot of fun. The boyfriend even got into it and told me jokes to keep me smiling

4. Know what you want

Anna and I worked together to pick a location that would suit us and I also requested a shot here and there. Everyone books a portrait session for a different reason, so it’s important to communicate that to your photographer.

5. Even photographers don’t know how to pose! 

Seriously, I may tell all my clients best posing techniques, but when it came down to it, I had two left feet. And that’s totally okay! Lots of the moments you see in Anna’s photos are half-silly or just moments of me and my boyfriend having fun. However, one thing I thought was really important was variety – sometimes it doesn’t hurt to do something a little different with every click on the camera. Not all shots might come out, but you’ll be surprised to find what works.

Check out more photos by following this link, and thank you Anna once again for such a magical day!

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September 25, 2012 - 4:38 pm


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