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Scotland part 2: The castles

#cliffsandcastles was the hashtag I used on Instagram for my trip to Ireland and Scotland, and Scotland delivered on both fronts. If you ever get the chance to drive along Castle Trail, definitely do it! You can do an abridged version in 1 day or if you want to see more, you can spend 2 days. For more details on which ones were worth visiting, sign up for my monthly newsletter where I will reveal my travel guide in this month’s mailing.

The first castle we went inside was Castle Fraser

I made some good friends with cows

Our GPS took us on some wrong turns here and there… including driving through a farm… oops!

Dunnottar Castle photographed pretty awesomely

While I used various different filters in editing some of these photos, I will pause and say, yes, the grass is THAT green

Some of the other castles and houses we saw along the way

Aberdeen is a cute city to stop in and grab dinner

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