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Scotland part 1: The drive to Inverness

The majestic Scottish highlands along route A-82 unfolded before our eyes as we drove from Edinburgh to Inverness via a stop at Stirling castle and then getting on the windy, picturesque, magnificent A-82. Never mind that some of these scenes were featured in the James Bond film Skyfall (okay, so that was maybe a main reason why I chose this route), in Googling / Pinterest searching for this trip, I knew that a particular junction close to Glencoe would lend to some of the most spectacular photos on this trip. Want to know how you can find the exact spots? Sign up for my monthly newsletter where I will reveal my travel guide in this month’s mailing.

Where’s Waldo?

This was one of our best meals in Scotland! Want to know where it is? Sign up for my monthly newsletter

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Scotland part 1: The drive to Inverness

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