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There goes summer

The first week of orientation just finished, and I am pretty exhausted! As part of orientation I went up to Wisconsin for a couple days of team building activities. I did a ropes course which included various activities such as tire swinging and balance beaming, 50 feet in the air. Needless to say, I’m very glad I’m not shooting this weekend because my arms are dying. I apologize to several of you who are trying to meet up with me in Chicago – we will all eventually! – orientation is just pretty crazy =)

So, while a new school year is beginning, I’d love to cap off my summer with one last post. I had such an amazing summer – I met up with so many old and new friends, strengthened so many more bonds before I left Boston. My outlook on my life and its purpose, my pursuit of meaningful balance, have matured. It bears repeating, I sincerely thank you all for having been there for me, big and small, through a very difficult period. I have discovered that I have lot more strength than originally believed, and I hope that on days at school when I feel inadequate or simply defeated, I can remember that, and if all else fails, it’s okay.

This post is specifically about a very enjoyable trip. I spent a weekend down in New York City to shoot an engagement session and met up with my friend TJ there. These days I don’t really get to photograph my friends much, mostly because I want to enjoy my time with my friends. And even less so, I don’t get to photograph many guys. I find it a fun challenge, though, because getting their personality to come out isn’t as straightforward.

As with any portraiture, I think some of the best portraiture happens when the subject is comfortable in their skin. TJ graciously invited me over to his place to hang for a little bit and meet his cats.

He’s really shy at times, but once you get to know him, he’s one of the most inspiring and encouraging friends I know. You will never feel down about yourself after talking with him

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