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Versailles Palace

If there is one day trip you should make while in Paris, it should definitely be to Versailles Palace! You need to take a commuter rail train (RER) that drops you off at the stop called “Versailles-Rive Gauche”. It’s considered a Zone 4 stop. Feel free to ask a customer service rep at a train station for help. Once you get off at the train station, it is literally a straight 5 minute walk to the palace (we took the diagonal Av. Nepveu / Av. de Sceaux route). If you want to avoid the large tour groups and give yourself time to explore the ground, go early! We got there around opening time and were able to quickly get tickets. Your tickets include a free audio tour guide that will then take you through the rest of the grounds quite easily. I would reserve about 4 – 5 hours for the palace itself.  People are pretty respectful about not hogging one spot too long to take a photograph

The chapel inside the palace is one of my favorites

The hallway of mirrors is what most people say is the most spectacular room in the palace

There are also various small palaces on the grounds you can visit if you walk and find your way to them

As I might have mentioned before, there were amazing blooms everywhere

My favorite kind of cherry blossoms!

The grounds are huge! To put it in perspective, you can fit three Central Parks in the palace’s backyard. There are some places where you can grab food

Marie Antoinette built a hamlet on the palace grounds so she could pretend to be a poor farmer

There are still live animals, including these gigantic bunnies!

And that is the close of our European honeymoon! We leave for Japan in just a little over a week!

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