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You are beautiful

We are all our own worst critics. And we all see things in our own heads that no one else sees. Sadly, unrealistic, photoshopped images and the general media have distorted the way we are seeing our own bodies, and it is not healthy.

I was born with cleft lip and cleft palate. I’ve been lucky to have it surgically corrected when young, and what remains are some scars and a slightly crooked nose. For years I was conscious about that asymmetrical, flat nose. I was made fun of for it. And to make matters worse, I wore braces for 8 years, had thick glasses, and did not wear makeup. I did not have a lot of self esteem as a teenager. And yet today, no one would ever know that was the case.

That’s because I grew to love myself. Sure, I have a husband. But, before I even met him, I chose to see myself as beautiful, unique, and awesome. I happily posed for photos. If I cannot see myself as beautiful, how would I convince anyone else of doing the same? And I often joked, “I’m not getting any younger!”

Many of my clients come to me with insecurities, and I will address them through the angles and posing that I will choose. I do strive to create a picture that is well lit and well composed, and flatters my clients. I also believe that each of my clients is an amazing human being deserving of love, and that there is beauty in each person. In sum, if I have done everything I could to photograph you in the most flattering way, I am still not a magician, I am still not a therapist, and I cannot make your insecurities go away instantly. If you do not believe in your own beauty, then you will never be happy with your photographs.

Last week I wanted photographs of me and my husband with some of the blossoms in Central Park. I was still very sick from a respiratory infection, and my hair was flat and unshapely. I fretted about how I’d look on camera. Still, I asked my friend Harris to help take a couple of photos I set up. My favorite one ended up being this one, where I was laughing at a joke I made (yes I’m a dork). And honestly, if I’d been worrying about how I looked, this wonderful moment would never have occurred.

When you and I embark on our adventurous shoot together, I ask you to let go, and have fun. Don’t worry about the crowds around you, forget them. Don’t worry about always looking at the camera. Be in the moment. Let go and have fun. Bring your personalities. If I’m bringing my A+ game to the session, I ask that you bring your most positive, open mindset. You are beautiful because someone loves you – there is always someone who loves you, even if you can’t see it now. And when you believe, that’s when the best photographs happen.

If you’d like to learn more about how a photography session with me can change the way you see yourself for the better, email me and let’s chat!

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April 29, 2015 - 11:30 am

Lisa Thanks, Shang, for sharing this beautiful, brave, and touching post. You are amazing!

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