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The beautiful result

I’m very proud. Very proud, to be able to place albums into my clients’ hands and give them memories for life. Yes, they are pricey, and yes, they take a while to design, create, and for the very awesome KISS Wedding Books to print, but for the value that they present over generations, the way that other family members, friends, kids, grandkids can treasure them, those are the moments I aim for. We photographers preserve memories of the special day, but the wedding photo album shows you and your future generations how you’ve lived with joy. Even if an album is not within financial reach now, it can be a possibility a year down the road. And in the meantime, get some fun prints to spruce up your walls while you wait!

The Albums

In case you aren’t familiar with the wedding albums I make, they are flushmount wedding albums. What that means is that once the prints of the album pages are made on photographic paper, they are mounted such that they are flush against the pages of the album. The result? Gorgeous, panoramic pages that lie flat

This photo shows a parent album (the linen album) on top of the leather album (which is the album that the couple typically gets, though parents can get leather albums too!)

The wedding albums come in a variety of cover colors and sizes. I typically recommend 10×10 or 12×12 albums

A 10×10 navy blue leather album on top of 2 more 12×12 albums inside their cloth covers

From top to bottom: a brown 10×10 parent album, a navy blue 10×10 leather album,  a brown 12×12 leather album

Two 12×12 parent albums (one black, one navy blue) on top of a 12×12 leather wedding album

The Inside

Check out some photos of the designs in action

The Design

I keep my designs simple, modern, and true to a story telling nature. Here are some more examples of designs I’ve made over the past year

The Canvas

Gorgeous, large, and modern photo canvases are also increasingly a popular option for clients who want to decorate their home

Shown here: a 20×30″, a 16×24″, and a 12×18″ canvas

These luxurious canvases are 1.5″ thick and come ready to hang or display on a cabinet

Hope you guys enjoyed this glimpse at all the wonderful products I’ve made. I can’t wait to deliver more albums and memories this year!

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February 24, 2012 - 1:45 am

Lily @Catalog Template Wow. I’ve never seen such perfect details when it comes to photo albums. These are just perfect, from the photos to the albums.

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