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2010 Best of Getting Ready | Boston Wedding Photographer

I’ve often had clients ask during their consults, “Do I really need getting ready photos? There’s nothing that interesting about me putting on makeup and fixing my hair”. I highly recommend that I come during your last hour or two of getting ready. Getting ready photographs are one of the best opportunities for photojournalistic capture, but it is also a great time for me to meet the rest of the family and wedding party and break the ice. And, if we have extra time, we can get some gorgeous photos of the bride before she meets the groom!

Getting ready includes… that moment when your father or grandfather sees you in your dress and starts tearing up. The moment when someone’s zipper breaks and you all macguyver together a nifty solution. When your best friends and mom help you get into that tight dress of yours. When you kick back with your favorite kind of pizza and a bottle of beer with your best man and groomsmen. When you look in the mirror and prepare your vows and try to cool down your nervousness with a glass of champagne. As a storyteller, these moments are important for me to capture, because you don’t realize their significance until it has happened.

How can you make the most of your getting ready photos?

Your setting is the most important. Get ready in a room with LOTS and LOTS of light (bigger the windows, the better), usually some hotels might provide you with a bridal suite. Have everything you need there and available – have your dress hanging, your jewelry and accessories and shoes nearby, the 3 rings either with the bride or the groom… and have lots of fun, play music, eat lots of food.. and don’t forget to take that one last bathroom break ;)

Here are the top getting ready moments of 2010

I love the spirit of helping each other in getting ready

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December 16, 2010 - 12:32 pm

Kimberly Awwww! Getting ready photos are my favorite!

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