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2011 Best of Bride and Groom Portraits

This post is part 5 of 5 posts highlighting some of my favorite images from my 2011 season, in honor of the best clients in the whole world – mine. As always, click on the individual images to see more from that wedding. Other posts: Best engagementsBest details, Best Wedding Parties, and Best Photojournalistic Moments.

Thank you to my 2011 brides and grooms for the absolute honor of letting me be your wedding photographer. I’ve learned so much from you guys. I’ll let the images below (mostly in random order) do the talking, but I’ve added tidbits here and there about what each couple’s story taught me about love.

Alyson and Allan showed me how love allows you to give freely to the community around you

Charlotte and James proved that love can survive long distances even at first sight

Pantila and Dan are two extremely generous and good people who deserve all the best the world can give them, because they give back so much

Dana pursued Melissa even though it almost seemed like a lost cause. Now they have their happily ever after

Marisa and Evan made everything work because they trusted each other. They also honored each of their family’s cultures and heritages

Jen and Joel proved that opposites do attract and work very, very well together. And that the best vows come from the heart

Blair and Josh showed me that much about being together is being able to make each other smile

Peter was Julia’s knight in shining armor

Nina and Ryan took their love global – and I’m talking Sydney, Australia to New York City. On their wedding day, I couldn’t help but notice them stealing glances at each other all the time and smiling

Apurva and Adam are an example of where best friends also make the best kind of life partners

Emma and Jason proved that even if you crash into each other in an intramural soccer game, you can still be together forever

For Tricia and Mike, love is about trying new things and new experiences together while also spending quality time with family

Lisa and Jeff hit it off from their very first date – their love is all about sharing and being involved in their common interests and exploring the world together

Love will conquer shyness, as shown by Nicole and Jonathan. Love is all about supporting one another

Joanne and Chris showed me that love is about understanding each other, inside and out

Amy and Malik love each other because they saw, very early on, how well they fit together – like puzzle pieces!

Jill and Than showed that love is all about mutual respect and humility, and enjoying life in a laid-back manner

Shreya and Anoop showed that love is being thankful for each other and supporting each other through crazy things – like a hurricane

Mengmeng and Shawn’s relationship showed me how much the right person can change your life

Kim and Evon are faithfully living out their vows, being there for each other through thick and thin

Unbelievable that this wraps it all up! I hope that these images brighten your lives as much as they do mine!

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January 8, 2012 - 9:57 pm

Roberto Farren | Wedding Photographer Boston Hi Shang! Awesome set of images from what looks like was a fantastic year for you! Always love coming back and looking through your stuff! I hope that you are well and glad to see that you are still shooting lots! All the best for 2012!! Roberto

February 11, 2015 - 11:17 am

Bib Popper Love the colors! Almost like i can feel the LOVE till here <3

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