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2012 Favorite Wedding Photos | A Thank You

My hope is that my imagery speaks on its own. However, I owe it to the trust that my clients have placed in me in this past crazy year. Through my graduation from business school, move across country, new job, and a long distance boyfriend, all these amazing men and women continued to believe that I would document their days truthfully. Interspersed through these fifty photographs are snippets I’ve taken from their online reviews of my work (those are italicized), and also the little stories that make a wedding special. Please enjoy, and brace yourselves, this is a long post!

“After researching for wedding photographers, I stumbled upon Shang Chen Photography somehow.  I am not even sure from where specifically.  But I kept going back to her blog, checking for updates and just being in awe of all her photos… I knew, I had to talk to her and I had to convince my fiance to book her even though she was the ONLY photog vendor we spoke to and we were about a year and a half out from our actually wedding date.”

Everyone knows I have somewhat an obsession with beautiful shoes. This year did not disappoint! I also had the pleasure of photographing weddings that were modern and playful, a focus on being forwarding thinking in style and planning

“Although her work speaks for itself, Shang’s professionalism is unbelievable. Her organization and thoughtfulness are impressive- she provided detailed timelines, checklists, spreadsheets, and guides that were incredibly helpful as I planned my wedding.”

This year I encouraged many of my brides to add more time in their getting ready stage to get more photographs of themselves. I love the beauty in a singular portrait

After years of seeing mainly sheath shapes, I was also very excited to see a variety of dresses this year, many with lots of drama! I adore layers of tulle, ruffly details, and a long train

Gotta give the guys some loving too

“Even before we booked the venue, we knew we wanted to have Shang photograph the wedding. We were so lucky that she was available… From the moment we booked her, she was amazingly responsive to all questions, candid in her responses, hyper organized, and made sure every detail was captured, whether through email or in a GoogleDoc.”

“She is fun, energetic, and creative, and really helped lessen our anxiety about having our pictures taken. She is calm, cool, and collected during the ‘crunch times’ of the wedding day”

I’ve got to hand it to all the wedding parties. I’ve met some of the most incredible girl- and guy friends any person could have. You guys continue to inspire me and remind me that relationships are what matter in life

As usual, I got to witness many different kinds of ceremonies. It was my first time photographing a Persian wedding

I’ve never been so happy to see a couple laugh so beautifully even when their wedding ceremony got rained out

This was a fusion non-traditional ceremony that included elements from both Jewish and Chinese traditions

And how about a Jewish Catholic wedding? Pretty awesome

There were so many fabulous details this year, and you already saw them sprinkled throughout this post. I think cake won as my favorite cake, because it’s so true

I got to photograph a foodie nerdy library wedding. Um, that just about sums up my life

I had lots of fun with rings

A wedding only gets better when people get down and party!!

How about a surprise choreographed dance from your siblings and cousins?

I love it when the bride and groom both get on the dance floor

Or moms (and quite frankly, dads, grandparents, crazy uncles, all welcome!)

Orr.. you could fear for your life, like I did when an entire fraternity rocked the floor for their theme song. That is a manpile you see there

“Shang is more than just a vendor, she gets to know her clients and thus, this is why I believe she can take pictures the way she does. She is not just some photographer you just hired, Shang turns into a friend who cares and wants to make sure the images captured are the ones you and your spouse will forever remember and cherish.”

So many of my brides wore veils this year! I am a huge, huge fan of veils. I just love how classy they are and frame one’s face

In the end, a wedding is nothing without the love and marriage. A hearty congratulations to all my couples!

“Two months after our wedding, I was hanging out with my dad, who is reserved, and he said ‘You know your photography friend did a really nice job.’ And I responded ‘Yes, she is amazing.'”

“We both love her photo-journalistic style and the fact that she captures the energy and emotion in every picture… Just like every other reviewer said, just look at her blog and you can see the work she does for all of her clients.  This is one photographer everyone should have at their wedding.”

“If you are having a hard time choosing a wedding photographer, you can be 100% confident going with Shang.”

“We’re still reliving the wedding and love every single one of our photos, what a great memento of one of the best days of our lives!”

“Shang is absolutely phenomenal. She is a brilliant photographer with an ability to produce stunningly gorgeous images, a knowledgeable professional with excellent communication skills, and a supportive friend with the ability to not only help pull off the wedding day but to make it easy, fun, and simply perfect.”

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January 11, 2013 - 1:10 pm

annie BRAVO, Shang!!!!

February 1, 2013 - 4:47 pm

Jay Mountford Beautiful photos Shang, absolutely love your work! x

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