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Spotlight: Pink Orchid Weddings | Boston wedding photographer

As some of you correctly guessed, one of the most professional Boston duos is gracing my blog today – the ladies, Emilie and Fiona, of Pink Orchid Weddings, a Shang Chen Photography preferred vendor! Pink Orchid Weddings specializes in day-of coordination for Boston and MA weddings. Talented, driven, and easygoing, they were a pleasure to photograph, even if it meant braving whipping wind down in the Seaport District prior to a giant rainstorm. Emilie and Fiona did not disappoint with their fabulous sense of style. See my interview with them below! And a big thanks to Christina for assisting!

How cute are their shoes?! It started raining towards the end of the shoot… I like the shine of the water on the ground And of course, I love colors that pop!

How did you guys decide to start Pink Orchid Weddings?
We both had been involved in putting together events in the past, like non-profit fundraisers and conferences. Then, after planning our own respective weddings, we knew that we had found our passion and wanted to help coordinate one of the most important days of a couple’s lives.

What do clients need the most when they hire you?
We specialize in day-of coordination (DOC), and clients who contact us are definitely looking for someone to pull the details together in the last month of the planning process, and then execute all of the details on the wedding day. Couples spend months or even years planning this one day, and we are there to make sure that all that hard work is showcased beautifully. A wedding day should be stress free for the bride and groom, and a DOC will help to make sure that everything is taken care of.

Please tell me about a time when you had to be creative under pressure during a wedding. What was the situation and what were you able to pull off?
There was one wedding where there was an anniversary dance instead of bouquet toss. During an anniversary dance, all married couples dance with each other, and slowly couples will be asked to leave the dance floor if they’ve been married less than 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, and so on. Many times, the toss bouquet is given to the winner of the anniversary dance, but for this wedding, there was no toss bouquet. The DJ however, assumed that there was one, so he announced that the winning couple would be receiving a bouquet. We quickly realized that with some extra flowers leftover from decorating the cake earlier in the day, and some ribbon in our emergency kit, we could put together a quick bouquet in a matter of minutes. After a hectic two minutes of cutting, wrapping, knotting, and taping, a small bouquet of roses wrapped with ribbon was presented right on time to the bride’s grandparents, who were married for an amazing 60 years together.

How far in advance should brides think about hiring a DOC?
Many times, couples wait until a couple of months before the wedding to book a DOC because they just realized that they need help on the day of the wedding. Others know right from the beginning that they need to hire a DOC, so they book us a year and a half in advance. We would say that a soon as you know that you want to hire a DOC, you should book one. As long as you know your wedding date and location, you can go ahead and hire one.

What’s one of the sweetest things you’ve ever encountered at a wedding?
We always come across moments when we go “awww” during weddings, but one extra sweet moment in particular was during a toast from the bride’s father. He spoke about his first impressions when he met his now son-in-law, and continued into his love for his daughter. He was able to capture the attention of everyone in the room, bring the newlyweds and the majority of the guests to tears, and after he was done, he received thunderous applause and an amazing standing ovation.

Emilie, you also offer personalized paper goods through Pink Orchid Designs. Your designs are so beautiful and unique. What are some of your favorite creations so far and what have you liked about those projects?
Invitations are the first impression of a wedding, and should really make a statement. I love clients that ask for custom designs because it forces me to be creative and brainstorm on paper. I really enjoyed creating the peacock invitations because before that day, I had never drawn a peacock. I spent a lot of time sketching different layouts of feathers, and thought that hand-glittering only a few would really make a big impact. In the end, I loved the way the final invitation looked. Who knew peacocks in love could be so elegant and cute??

And one last photo to show their dedication, look at our jackets, these ladies totally rocked the cold weather!

I’ve been following the work of Emilie and Fiona since they started and I recommend them highly, so don’t hesitate to consider Pink Orchid Weddings for your day-of wedding coordination and design needs!

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March 24, 2010 - 10:38 am

Kathy A day-of-coordinator! What a great idea!

March 24, 2010 - 10:53 am

Emily Oooh I love your outfits girls!

March 24, 2010 - 11:11 am

christina yay for braving wind and snow!! :) and sideways rain! :)

March 24, 2010 - 11:40 am

Emilie despite the rain and freezing weather, it was so much fun working with you, Shang!! thanks again for everything! =)

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