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It’s a love story | Boston wedding photographer

What turns on the warm fuzzies in the pit of my stomach, that then float like butterflies through my chest, and emit cooing sounds of “awww” and “that’s so sweet” when it comes to weddings? It is the love story.

Fellow photographers, I understand that feeling when you have a gorgeous couple and a pretty wedding chockful of details and your eyes go wide and your trigger finger trembles with giddiness at how beautiful it will look in your portfolio. Guests, I understand how any wedding that has an open bar, five-star food, and a rocking live band makes for a smashing party to remember – and even if you’re not dating it makes you want to bring a date along. Brides and grooms, I know that no matter how big or small your budget, everyone has an ideal dream wedding, of certain details, rituals, and moments.

If you ask me, love is more than enough. Without love, weddings are just that – just a fancy party, with no deeper meaning in which to ground its roots and no sprigs from which it can sprout a future. With love, even gaffes like a late attendant or a missing button on your dress will not matter, because love renders all these things just as they are – they’re called “details” and not the “main event” for that very reason.

I had such a fun time at Monica and Andrey’s Boston wedding, a sneak peek of which I’m posting below. We did some First Look portraits in the Post Office Square park in Boston’s financial district, right near their getting ready location of the Langham Hotel and their venue that is the UMass Club of Boston. I really like this image because of the way they are engaging each other, they seem to be saying, “look how far we’ve come” with their eyes. I will blog more soon, but I just want to say that there is nothing quite like witnessing the union of two amazing people who truly sacrifice themselves for each other that encourages me to believe in the power of love.

Monica and Andrey's Boston wedding at the UMass Club of Boston

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Kimberly Wow, Shang… you’ve got my allergies acting up again.

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adriana revert Adorei !!!!lindo demais!!!!Que DEUS os abençoe sempre!!!! Amo voces!!!!!

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