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A proper gentleman and his ray of sunshine | Wedding photos in Central Park

You know someone really loves you when they are with you even though they’re allergic to your cat and dog.

Meet April and Kit, a wonderful couple who are relaxed, low key, and opposite sides of the same coin. They’re not the kind of people who want to draw a lot of attention to themselves, so they have skipped the traditional wedding reception. In lieu, they have chosen to have their wedding photos taken in Central Park to commemorate the start of the rest of their lives. As is my philosophy, the entire session was personalized to who they were – natural, not forced, in the moment. I would say that April and Kit can be very silly with each other. And yet, Kit is every bit the proper gentleman, making sure April can walk in her heels, that she isn’t too cold, and that her hair is the way she likes it. Kit told me that all he wants is to see April smile all day, because she lights up his world. Cue waterworks. Congratulations April and Kit!

We landed on one of the most incredible days for foliage in Central Park. The trees were on fire! Fiyah!

This next picture links to a larger panorama – click to enlarge (large file size – ~4mb)

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