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Annie and John, a Love Story in San Francisco (part 1 of 2)

Annie is a friend of mine from business school. We both took big risks by moving to San Francisco, and were one of the few people in our classes who got exactly the kind of job we wanted in a niche industry with little support from our school’s career services. What is incredible about Annie and John’s love story is that Annie followed John to San Francisco, though there wasn’t a ring on her hand at that time and her original plans were to be in a different city with a different job. Talk about faith in your relationship! Good thing John put a ring on it soon after.

I had seen gorgeous photographs from their city hall wedding. However, later I found out that the dress in those photos was not her official wedding dress, an Enzoani strapless gown with gorgeous ruched folds which arrived later for their reception celebration. They booked a different photographer for that reception, and disappointingly, did not get good photographs of her in her true wedding dress, apparently there were no dedicated full-length shots of the dress! As a fellow fashion lover and someone who adores beautiful wedding dresses (Pinterest board here), I thought that this Love Story session would be a great chance for her to get the wedding photographs and details she never had.

We did this session in two parts – a bridal shoot around their apartment, and then a casual shoot which will be in a different blog post – be sure to like Shang Chen Photography on Facebook to be the first to know when it’s up!

The day began in their apartment actually! Annie kept telling me that her apartment wasn’t good enough to photograph in, which increased my determination to show it off in its best light

It’s a completely new feeling to be able to photograph details after everything has happened. Left to right: Annie’s wedding bouquet, Chicago Booth keychains (used in the balloons we have in our casual shoot), and her jewelry stand

Annie and John didn’t get a photo of their rings. Over the years I’ve come to find that there is so much symbolism when it comes to the rings, it’s detail shot that should not be missed. Their ring designs are very classy. I took this photo on top of the glass cover of their office desk


And of course, many shots of her dress!

We went outside to take advantage of the gorgeous sunlight we had that day. Annie told me that her area was a bit “ghetto”, but I thought it’d be a fun way to let her see her neighborhood in a new way

The sunlight was BEAMING in this shot. love it

We took the rest of these photographs in an alleyway right next to their apartment complex. Suddenly, the vines and graffiti that Annie drove past every day came to life

Click here for part two of the session!

If you would like to be considered for a Love Story session in the future, please email me at shang@saavedraphoto.com

Love Story session openings are announced on an ad hoc basis, and are typically offered for long distance couples, couples with incredible love stories (hence the name!), and couples who had disappointing wedding photography experiences

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March 10, 2013 - 8:57 am

Annie Lin LOVE it Shang! The backgrounds look great…as if we specifically targeted those destinations for the shoot =D.

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