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This season, gift meaningfully

I don’t have a lot of words to say about what has transpired globally in 2015.  My heart is heavy. I also believe each of us has the power to make a positive difference.

As we enter a season of Thanksgiving and joy, let’s focus our giving on where it impacts the most.

For those who have families who regularly gather for gifts… consider everyone giving only one gift.

If you have a warm home and a full belly and regular access to medical care, you already have more than many in this world.

For those with kids… your greatest gift to this world will be to bring up children who will usher in a brighter future. Consider teaching your children to give away things they no longer use. Consider teaching your children to be happy with what they have. They will carry that lesson with them for the rest of their lives.

Consider NOT throwing events where there is a focus on when gifts are opened (this applies to bridal showers, white elephants, yankee swap, Christmas morning gift exchange), AND making it clear on your invitation that you do not want physical gifts. I think it would be more beautiful if the time is spent in being grateful and affirming those you love. Gifts, if brought, should be exchanged discretely. I will not apologize that this may offend readers.

Do whatever you can to help those who have less than you. I still think it is proper to tip, and I still think that the help can be both local and global.

For those who wish to help those who are most affected around the world, these are some of my favorite charities

World Vision, which has a focus on the refugee crisis

Samaritan’s Purse, which has a Operation Christmas Child cause

Food Bank for New York City

Thank you. Have a beautiful Thanksgiving. Merry Christmas. Chag Sameach.

Anna & Peter, Married! | Four Seasons, Central Park, Eleven Madison Park

I had the honor of photographing a most beautiful, intimate, and perfectly planned family wedding. You may have already read a little about their love story through their West Village engagement session. They envisioned a day when all their family members could come together from across the country and from China, over some of the best food that New York City’s fine dining scene has to offer. The small wedding allowed them not to be over stressed, and allowed them to pay ample attention to each guest who attended. Everything was super classy, from the garden flowers that perfectly matched the garden wedding ceremony, to Peter’s modern blue suit, to Anna’s breathtaking Vera Wang dress, to the artful way all the food came together, this wedding represented all the best that New York City could offer. While they had met at Harvard and were friends, sparks did not fly until after graduation. Anna and Peter joke that the workplace they shared was their matchmaker. I was so touched to see how happy everyone was for Anna and Peter at this wedding. From the enthusiasm of their ring bearer, to Anna’s sister’s and mother’s constant doting on every detail to make sure everything ran smoothly, to the many toasts that everyone offered, it’s very evident that these two are extremely talented, accomplished, and their families are very proud of them. We could not have asked for a more perfect day, the whole city was buzzing with energy under the summer sun. Congratulations you two and thank you for having me!

Everyone got ready at the Four Seasons hotel

Reiko is one of the hardest working, detail oriented make up artists I have met. She made Anna (who is already beautiful) look every bit the flawless beauty she is

So it’s no secret I LOVE veils (wore a cathedral length to my own wedding) and love playing with veils. There is no other time in one’s life when you can wear a veil, and that’s why I find it so special

Central Park – as usual – was packed on a weekend. However, the crowds are so nice and ever accommodating to allow us to get some photos. Thank you nice people visiting Central Park!

We then took the car up to the Conservatory Garden

One… last… dress shot

Here’s the wonderful thing about the Conservatory Garden. It is a beautiful, tranquil oasis of flowers and beauty in the upper east side of Central Park, away from the crazy hub-bub towards the south end of the park. Call ahead to reserve your time to get married there before it books quickly

Anna’s father got emotional during the vows

All the guests in attendance. Did I mention I love intimate weddings?

The wedding was held in the private upper room of the Eleven Madison Park restaurant, and you can see everything that happens in the restaurant below. Once the videographer and I set up our lights,we had to close the curtains so we would not disturb the other dining guests

Some fabulous appetizers

Anna and Peter treated there guests to a great tango dance

Thank you to the chefs at Eleven Madison Park for a) making the most amazing filet mignon I’ve ever tasted in my life b) allowing me to go into the kitchen for some behind the scenes photos

Originally I wanted to get closer to the twinkling lights for this photo but the Madison Square Park people closed the gates. Still, I think this picture is pretty sweet

Photographer: Saavedra Photography
Wedding ceremony: Central Park Wedding
Wedding Reception: Eleven Madison Park
Wedding Rings: David S. Diamond
Wedding dress: Vera Wang
Wedding shoes: Vera Wang
Groom’s attire: Hugo Boss
Bridesmaid dress: Ralph Lauren
Florist: Artsy Flora
Hair and Make-up: Makeover with Reiko
Invitations / paper: Crane & Co
Officiant: Valerie Coleman
Videographer: Frank Ahn Films
Earrings: Ben-Amur Bridal at Thomas Laine

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Based in NYC | photographer of celebrations of love and life | champion of helping everyone see the beauty I see in them

Jean & Jeurgen, Married! | An International Elopement in NYC

There is that magical feeling right after you’re pronounced husband and wife. It’s not something one can predict, but either it hits you, or washes over you, and there’s that “We’re MARRIED!” feeling. That’s exactly how Jean and Jeurgen greeted me as they popped out of a taxi town in Manhattan’s Midtown as we commenced their photos as they eloped in New York City’s City Hall. This wasn’t any ordinary elopement. Jean and Jeurgen traveled all the way from Germany just for the sole purpose of a once in a lifetime opportunity to get married in one of the world’s biggest cities. Jean found me online and planned everything from afar – they found a place to stay in Williamsburg, got a beautiful bouquet, and Jean found someone in NYC to do her hair in the prettiest of hairdos with a golden Grecian style headband. What struck me about this couple was their unending devotion to each other. When we first met on Skype, I couldn’t help but notice that Jeurgen would hug or kiss Jean whenever she said something cute. And this woman – she has a smile and a laugh that can light up a whole room! We picked the area of Grand Central station to show off the busy streets of New York. Jean said that because they come from a “small” city in Germany. Then we wandered over to the New York Public Library because Jean loves books, and we also used Bryant Park because Jeurgen loves to garden. They radiated joy, laughter, and were all around so flexible and up for anything. I really hope these photos put a smile on your face, because I smile each time I see these. Jean and Jeurgen, please keep in touch with me!

“Can we do a happy photo?” Yes, yes, definitely, I’m always up for happy photos.

That foot pop. So. Cute.

Just so everyone knows. I love libraries. And library steps.


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Based in NYC | photographer of celebrations of love and life | champion of helping everyone see the beauty I see in them

Iselin & Siv, Mom and Daughter

Iselin wrote me asking if I could photograph her and her mother, Siv, who was visiting her this summer. Of course, it’s a real treat when I can photograph not just one, but two amazing women together. Siv was visiting from Norway, where Iselin was born as well. Iselin, quite the adventurer, came to the US one day and decided to stay. The two of them have not have any professional quality photos of them taken since Iselin was a child, so this was a special moment. It is sessions like these that remind me of how beautiful time together with family can be. We marveled at the beautiful quality of a NYC sunrise in the morning on the streets of Chelsea (this is one of my signature sunrise shoots), laughed about their dog, Maia. It was in the quiet moments between laughter and movement that I created many of these photographs. Thank you both so much for your warmth and kindness and beauty.

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Based in NYC | photographer of celebrations of love and life | champion of helping everyone see the beauty I see in them

Dressed up Deniz | Summer Fashion Series

I was able to meet up with one of my favorite NYC based fashion bloggers, Dressed Up Deniz, for some outfit shoots this summer. She has an impeccable way of putting together super classy and colorful looks. Color – a girl after my own heart, I wish I could run away with her closet! I’ve been privileged to get to know the amazing woman behind those glasses over the past few months. If only I had more time to hang more! Scroll to the end to get the details on each of the 4 outfits featured.

Black tulle dress: Teri Jon by Rickie Freeman
Black and white skirt: Lafayette 148
White dress and Red floral dress (so cool): Asos
Pearl necklace: Brooks Brothers
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Saavedra Photography on Facebook Instagram
Based in NYC | photographer of celebrations of love and life | champion of helping everyone see the beauty I see in them