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Joanne & Alex, Married! | Private ocean-side wedding in Sausalito, CA

When I first asked Joanne how she found out about me, she said, “[when I found] your blog and site… i not only got to see your beautiful work, but get to hear your voice through your writing and even follow along in your love story. it just seemed to me you were a genuine, warm person who took her work seriously and had a great eye for capturing moments – both candids and artistic poses. and part of that affinity seemed to come through your getting to know your subjects as people, not just customers… when it came to choosing someone who could capture that same joyful spirit and love that she had herself, and someone we would want to share in our small wedding it seemed like a perfect fit (: so honestly a lot of the choice probably has to do more with you, even though i do think your work is really beautiful.”

Joanne and Alex planned for their intimate wedding to be a time where they could gather all of their favorite people in the world to share in an evening of joy, wine, and good conversations. They held the wedding at a gorgeous private home in Sausalito, California, whose round and modern architectural details are heavily featured in the portraits. They organized a wine tasting competition that everyone really got into during the cocktail hour. After a paella dinner with sweeping sunset views of the city of San Francisco, guests were then invited down to the lower level where a fire pit and s’mores awaited. I chose a very story-telling approach to their wedding because there was no agenda, there weren’t a million things happening at once, it’s an honest to goodness beautiful union of two extremely amazing people who compliment each other perfectly. Please enjoy the photographs

Photography by Saavedra Photography
Wedding Day of Coordination: Jessica, And Something Blue
Make-up and Hair: Minia Makeup
Wedding rings: Monica, Emkay Diamonds
Florist: Farmgirl Flowers

As Shang has a full-time job, she only photographs a very select number of weddings a year, exclusively on Sundays only due to a Saturday religious restriction

Carmen & Brian, Married! | Private Boston Backyard Wedding

Sometimes, we hope for the best, but have to plan for the worst. We don’t know much more time we have on earth with Carmen, who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer earlier this year, but we do know that she and Brian deserve the best that life can afford them in the time being. Over a hundred of their family and friends gathered to witness their marriage. Carmen’s daughter S played a big part. The whole village descended on Carmen’s grandmother’s beautiful homestead, aptly named Sunset Farm. There weren’t many dry eyes at the wedding as Carmen and Brian exchanged personal vows, committing to each other, but committing to making sure S would grow up in a household that cherishes love and art.

Magic filled the air at this wedding. The sky stayed clear exactly during the window when we needed – from First Look through the end of ceremony (then it was a downpour).  To Carmen’s grandmother also being able to make it outside to join the party. To the wonderful family friend who managed to semi-break into Brian’s home to retrieve Carmen’s contact lenses. To the peonies at Whole Foods that went on sale at the last minute, adding a flourish of beauty and fragrance to the reception. To little S walking up and hugging Carmen as Carmen and Brian exchanged vows. From all the healing and loving power that sustained Carmen with energy throughout the day. The atmosphere was at once familiar and joyous. Lots of hugs and laughter was exchanged. Children ran around and played. Much delicious food was enjoyed. Brian’s humor was matched only by that of his brother and father, who gave hilarious toasts that left everyone rolling in laughter. There are so many moments. So many memories. I couldn’t capture them all, but I hope that you can get a glimpse of that through these images.

Thank you, thank you for having me, Carmen and Brian. Congratulations and much love.

Photography by Saavedra Photography
Wedding Rings: Hannoush Jewelers, White Plains, NY
Florist: Stow Greenhouses, Stow, MA and Whole Foods DIY
Cake: Whole Foods
Catering: Erica Bush
Make-up: Amanda McCarty Beauty
Hair; Angela Ragaini, Salon on Main, Shrewsbury, MA
DJ: Stephen Kent
Invitations / Paper: Minted.com
Tents and rentals: BC Tent, Avon, MA

As Shang has a full-time job, she only photographs a very select number of weddings a year, exclusively on Sundays only due to a Saturday religious restriction

2017 year in review

There were not many moments when I picked up my camera in 2017. It was a year when I did not really wish to create most of the time. I wanted the weight of all the pressure, stress, and anxiety to be lifted off my chest. To help me through the tough times, I focused most of my spare energy helping others at my new project, Save My Cents. One cannot humanly do multiple jobs at once and expect to do them well. I have accepted that. I am happy to report that 2018 is already off to a better start. In the meantime, please enjoy some of the my favorite personal images from the last year. They were taken in (no chronological order) 1 + 2 North Carolina / Blue Ridge Mountains, 3-5 Yellowstone National Park, 6-8 Florence / Amalfi Coast / Italy, 9-11, 13-14 Oregon Coast / Crater Lake National Park, 12 Lake Tahoe, 15 Bronx Botanical Garden

Big Sky, Yellowstone, and more

Late summer my husband and I took a really big trip to some of the best national parks in the country. Here are some photos. Rather than being arranged by park, they are arranged by time of day.

Dawn (many are shot in Yellowstone)

Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park

Bison in Yellowstone, Hayden Valley

Lamar Valley, Yellowstone

Two Medicine Lake, Glacier National Park


Mammoth Hot Springs

Many Glacier, Glacier National Park

Grant Teton National Park


Old Faithful Inn

A year in the life of a New York family

This post has been over one year in the making – two formal photoshoots, two birthday parties, and two personal hangouts.

My husband and I went to business school with the parents, and have been friends ever since. Today’s post is about the second baby. I watched her parents endlessly advocate for her, love her, and be the amazing guardians they had pledged to be, even knowing how uncertain the baby’s future would be starting from when she was in utero. It is their commitment that touched the hearts of her hospital caregivers to allow her to go home, even if the oxygen tank was hard to monitor and required round the clock care.

I was comforted by the mother as I went through a tough time this year, her resilience reaching across the computer screen to touch my own fragile self, giving me strength when I needed the most. I watched in awe as they both continued to work demanding jobs, taking whatever flexibility they could find in between sleepless nights to shuttle to the hospital, play with their children, and take care of life.

If there is one thing I wanted to share with the world, it is their joy. The kind of joy that doesn’t require any styling, planning, or directing to capture. As I look at these photos I can’t help but feel the power of a parent’s unconditional love. This family is my inspiration.

Katherine and Brett, Engaged! | Central Park + Grand Central

It was a blustery, cold day. They had flown in overnight from San Jose, and had a few fun days ahead of them. Thank you Katherine and Brett for gunning it through this engagement session the way you did despite the weather and outside conditions! So happy for you both and congratulations.

Jenny and Christof, Married! | Central Park Elopement

They met at a camp in west coast U.S. She – outgoing, loves the sunshine. Him – adventurous and persistent. At first, they weren’t “very impressed” with each other. However, a couple more encounters at camp sites, some cycling, and soon enough, Jenny and Christof began traveling the world, and decided one day that . They currently make their home in the U.K. They decided to elope in New York City, just the two of them, and we had a very quiet morning together.